Pampering Your Pet with Gold Dog Tags

Why would your dog care what her tag is made out of? Well, that’s not the point.

You want to pay all the attention you can to your dog. Seeing a gold dog tag on your pet will remind you that your dog is precious, and let others know exactly how much you care for him. Just think about it: if you had guests over, and they saw a piece of cardboard with illegible ballpoint scrawls, hanging by a natty piece of twine wrapped loosely around your dog’s neck, your guests will feel rather sorry for your dog.

They will think you probably feed him empty soda cans for breakfast and a bowl of insects for dinner. They will think that you sometimes chain him to the trailer hitch of your truck and drive away just for kicks. And then how could they respect you as a dog owner? They might call Animal Protection on you.

If you can afford gold dog tags, why not pamper your dog? A gold dog tag is indeed one of the finer things in life. Just as you would dress yourself up to go out, you can add sparkle and class to your class act dog.

Gold dog tags come in various karats and qualities. They come as small as a stud earring, or as large as the gaudiest of necklaces. Gold dog tags generally range from $225 to thousands of dollars, depending on the quality. You can get a simple yet beautiful yellow gold tag $300; or you can go all out, with an 18-karat tag with embedded jewels or diamonds. No matter what your taste or budget, a gold dog tag can give your dog a touch of elegance that also reflects well on you.
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